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Androgel and weight gain


Exercise has been known to increase testosterone levels naturally. The back pain could be due to decreased calcium levels or weight gain. You will need to increase intake of calcium-rich foods so as to have a daily intake of calcium between 500-1000 mg. Insulin has been reported to interact with T from androgel, so discuss this with your physician if you are diabetic. Oral zinc has also been reported to increase testosterone production.

I realize I look a bit gaunt when my weight is lower than this, but I could not gain weight until my tract healed. People are just jealous I suppose. I can eat 2000 calories a day just to maintain. Not my fault. It's hard to do when you can't eat gluten.

It is 4am and i cant sleep because all this weight gain consumes me. I am so miserable and i need HELP. This protocol feels like a heaven sent or the last result, lol. I appreciate all of you who are sharing your experiences and references. This really helps in making a wise decision.

I have been suffering for about 3 or even more years for fatigue, slow, poor, brittle hair and nails growth, fluid retention, weight gain. yo yo diet, and most important, my vision is getting worsen from year to year! AND my cold feet became ICY COLD TOES / feet. So, i decided to go on self-paid thyroid test. Endo said from results that i have only Testosterone deficiency - SECONDARY HYPOGONADISM. And.

I had consistent GI issues for about 4 months prior to starting Androgel - with the result I lost a lot of weight and am now very thin. I've gotten mixed messages on this query - from "No it makes no difference" to "Yes - low T affects your entire body.

I have been suffering for about 3 or even more years for fatigue, slow, poor, brittle hair and nails growth, fluid retention, weight gain. yo yo diet, and most important, my vision is getting worsen from year to year! AND my cold feet became ICY COLD TOES / feet. So, i decided to go on self-paid thyroid test. Endo said from results that i have only Testosterone deficiency - SECONDARY HYPOGONADISM. And.

. depression), dizziness, breast pain or enlargement, weight gain. change in size or shape of the testicles etc. Get a ultrasound abdomen with ECG done. I would suggest that you get a work up done for elevated levels of SGOT, by your physician and rule out the causes for the same. Best.

the shots because the shots are much stronger. Did you have much weight gain on the shots, and high of testosterone level did you get to. Why are you now switching to the patch. I think you would do better if you are comming off the shots to go to androgel than the patch.

The downside risks appear to be modest, and include weight gain. sleep apnea, and an increased red blood cell count. There is also much concern about long-term effects on the prostate, including an acceleration of benign enlargement or an increased risk of prostate cancer. Those with higher levels of testosterone are more inclined to smoke, drink alcohol excessively and indulge in risky behavior that leads to injury.

I am currently on 88mcg of Synthroid and 10 mcg of Cytomel. My symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, weight gain (more fat than weight ), tinnitus, and muscle cramps are still with me. I am just over 5'9" and weigh 170.

Within the last 6 weeks I have experienced severe weakness (CPK at 1200), unusual weight gain. enlarged and painful breasts, fatigue worse than usual. My GP ordered labs which included: CMP, TSH, Testosterone total, LH, CK total. He called Saturday primarily concerned with Testosterone level of 23. I have history of volatile TSH, cortisol and low potassium levels. I currently take 40 meq? of potassium a day and prescribed Androgel 1.

fatigue, depression at times, extremeties that easily lose circulation, very cold and very dry hands in winter, salt cravings, joint pain, significant weight gain in abdominal region despite diet and exercise. Currently work in South Korea, treated by Korean MDs. Recent results: T3 normal, TSH 1.26 normal (range 0.4 - 4.1), T4 normal 6.2, Free T4 low 0.59 (range 0.70 - 1.80). Also: Prolactin (normal), GH (normal), FSH (low), LH (low), Cortisol (afternoon draw) low 4.

I am 55, soon to be 56. I noticed an incredible weight gain when I worked for a year and a half from 53-55. Then I stopped working earlier this year, did the low-carb thing for four months and started working out again. Lo and behold, my figure came back! I would trade being slender any day of the week for somewhat crepy skin. But that is our nemesis. I don't have money to spend on beauty products, nor on many supplements. So my routine is so basic it's ridiculous.

Depression can cause testosterone to drop and so can weight gain. In Australia Testogel costs about $90 a month but when prescribed on the pharmacy benefits scheme only costs the consumer about $32.

Went to the ER, they sent me home with Xanax. I won't take it. Then my doc tried to get me to take androgel (t gel), and about 20 minutes after I used the gel, I had another panic attack. I can't figure it out. its not like I am thinking anything in particular. just minding my own business, then a strange feeling comes over me and I can't breath. heart starts pounding. WTH. And my Serum T level is at 185.

Again, it is very strange that I would experience hair loss on my face, eyebrow, head, gain weight. lose sex drive, experience extreme fatigue, and facial flushing all at the same time. Lastly, the dermatologist thought it was odd that my eyebrow hair falls out and re-grows weekly. He normally sees a complete re-growth or no re-growth at all. It seems when I use my over the counter inhauler (contains epinephrine) my flushing gos away.

I never had this additional head congestion issue until I started with the blood pressure/Androgel meds. Could you please give me your comments on this and any suggestions for relief. Thank you. Merf.

Every time I see my endo I constantly complain of many side effects. These effects include fatigue, weakness, WEIGHT GAIN of about 40 pounds, decreased sex drive, depression, and some memory loss. Also, blood tests reveal a trigylceride level of 557 with no family history of high trigylceride and I eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I was wondering if anyone had any useful information for me so I could finally feel "normal" again!

Just this past week I gained 6 pounds Constipation I'm a 27 y/o male that is generally healthy. My mental state is great even though I have these symptoms. They can't pawn it off on depression. I just received a fax of my bloodwork. It was a CBC (which all is fine) and just a TSH test on my thyroids. It came back as 2.1 and the range is .45 - 4.5. I fall under "normal". Now I know from reading here I need to get my free T3 and free T4 checked.

They are considered safe, but no long term studies have been done yet though the short studies all look good though they do increase your dht levels as well as the testosterone so many people notice side effects like balding, enlarged pituatary gland, and acne so unless you are working out and trying to gain muscle mass, you should probably just try the zinc test.

I have been taking the Androgel for 3 weeks now and still haven't seen any improvement down there. I also still have a little excess belly fat that I never used to have (I work out alot and have always been skinier than most people). I also noticed that if I consume alcohol (even just a beer) it exascerbates the symptoms. Do you think the gel just isn't working? Or is it that I have too much estrogen? I'm scheduled to see another urologist in two weeks. Any suggestions. Again, thanks alot.

I mean absolutely no energy even when his mind has plenty of energy. Sometimes he wants to do things and just can't. - weight gain.

The oral medication cured that and the mood swings disappeared. I was on Androgel for a time, but there is a caveat about that. Being a topical testosterone it can rub off on your wife while being intimate and cause her problems. I know of one woman who was so affected. Perhaps a consultation with your husband's urologist would be in order. We had to work with mine for a time to find what was right for me.

i allready know that i have hypogonadism and was on androgel for about 10 months but did not fix my ed and started to cause testicular atropey im hopeing that if i go back on the trt that i will be useing hcg or something to keep the testis working. hopeing if any of you could think of any more test that i should ask for (will be getting the basic blood test to) tird of the urigist hopeing endo will know more. i have been off of the androgel for about 3 months. ill get to see where im at.

I know it is the same as candy bars but it makes me feel a little better if I can fool myself into thinking it may be good for me. Because of the weight gain my high blood pressur returned. I have constapation that requires me to take laxitives, try to use the fiber ones. After taking the meds for several years I had a big drop in my testastrone levels, I now take androgel to get the levels back up. Not to mention the reduced sex drive. so I wont mention it. My skin has changed.

If I have an appt to attend I have to get up 4 hrs prior just to get myself able to shower n dress. Ive gained back 60# of the 25# I lost during g tx even tho I barely eat. The weight gain just keeps coming. My hair that fell out grew back a little but now is falling out again. I have muscle aches and joint pain so bad sometimes I can't move and feel like I'm 95 I'm only 46.

and like most teenagers i love sports, staying active and weight lifting. 5 months without doing anything realy *****. and now i have usual pain along the surgical area and inside part of my leg and groin is this normal? i dont have any testicular pain what so ever. and i dont realy know when to start weight lifting and playing sports again itss been harrasing me for all this time. how do u know when to start again. can i start even though i feel a little bit of pain?

I go to gym for run and mild weight lift. I do yoga, without crunching my abdomen much. By experimenting a little, I found that the pain is not related to these activities. But, sometimes I apply warm towel to left lower abdomen (not to the balls!) and it seems to help. Anyone can try this and see if it works. And experiment with your physical activities to see if there are any agravating factor in them. If not, keep yourself physically active, it helps a lot.

During the time of the pain I've gone from extremely out of shape, to fairly fit, and back again. No changes. No major weight changes either. Has anyone tired massage yet? Sounds like I don't need to bother with sleeping pills, and better if I don't.