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Combiphar markets more than 100 product lines, which include the products developed at its research & development center and the products under the licenses of its partners and principals. In addition to the strongly popular OBH Combi cough syrup, Combiphar still has a wide range of excellent products such as JointFit for joint pain and Prive, the first green-tea based feminine hygiene wash. At the beginning of 2014, in an effort to strengthen the focus on consumer healthcare segment, the company welcomed Insto, the top eye drop in Indonesianmarket, as the newest addition to its product portfolio. Furthermore, in 2015, Combiphar launched its first nutrition product apta+ Glukofit, an adult formula milk product that can help consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A growing product portfolio focusing on disease prevention and supplements to meet today's ever-changing lifestyle habits.

Curative medication from international renowned principals which contribute to the treatment and healing of illness in various categories.