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-caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]-

cA: Hey Sol cA: Wwhats up?

Sollux's heart skipped a beat as soon as Eridan began trolling him. As much as he hated to admit it, he had a fondness for the highblood. It was more than a fondness but he had never admitted the truth out loud and the truth was: Sollux Captor was truly madly deeply flushed for Eridan Ampora. Never once had Eridan asked him to fill a quadrent and the mustard blood didn't know whether to be relieved or upset about this. Considering he has asked just about every other troll to do so he was completly crushed. Eridan considered them close enough to be morials but seeing as Sollux already had one, this wasn't official. The Gemini knew he had to hide his feelings somehow and the easiest way to do this was to pretend he hated the troll. He had to pretend too often for his liking and it crushed him everytime he did so. Oh how he hated to pretend but did he have a choice? He certainly didn't think so. With shaky fingers he typed back:

TA: Oh gog what the hell do you want? cA: My my, someone's feisty. TA: 2iieriiou2ly? What do you want? ii have better things two do than 2iit here and play game2 wiith you

That was a total lie. Sollux wanted nothing more than to sit and talk to Eridan all day. Maybe it would ease the weird feeling he had in his stomach.

cA: You arent happy to hear from me Sol?

The Gemini could almost hear the smirk in his voice making his heart hammer. Although he tried to snap out of it, his cool facade was fading quickly.

TA: no cA: Do you hate me Sol? TA. cA: Thats not an aswer TA: iif ii 2ay ye2 wiill you go the fuck away? CA: does that mean youll be my kismesis?

Sollux froze. Had Eridan just asked him to fill a black quadrent? He felt almost as if he would cry. He really wanted to just continue his lying and say yes but he could not bring himself to do so.

He gulped, taking in a deep breath.

TA: hell no! cA: wwhat? wwhy? TA: ii. ii cant tell you why 2o ju2t go away cA: No! Not till you tell me wwhy you wwont be my fuckin Kismesis! TA: II WONT BE YOUR KII2ME2II2 BECA2SE II WANT TWO BE YOUR FUCKING MATE2PRIIT! IIM RED FOR YOU HAPPY NOW? cA. cA: Are you fuckin jokin around Sol? TA: no cA: Your fuckin flushed for me? TA: ye2.

As soon as the words:

-caligulasAquarium [CA] ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA]-

flashed on the screen, the only thought in Sollux's mind was, "Oh thit!"

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Roses Are Red part 2 - EriSol - - twinArmageddons [TA] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]- TA: aradia. ii have a problem. AA: whats wr0ng s0llux? TA: ii told eriidan ii wa2 flu2hed for him. AA: 0h. why did you d0 that? TA: well he a2ked me two be hi2 kii2me2ii2 and. ii just couldnt do iit. AA: well what did he say? TA: he got offliine. AA: 0h. TA: should ii be 2cared? AA: i honestly d0nt kn0w. AA: but i have t0 g0 meet Fef in like twenty minuets s0 i have t0 g0. TA: ara! AA: i kn0w i kn0w. im s0rry. if y0u need me just tr0ll Fef 0k? AA: 0h and let me kn0w if anything happens TA: okay. - apocalypseArisen [AA] ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA]- Sollux honestly didn't now what to think. He didn't know how Eridan felt and the highblood would probably just avoid him from now on. He banged his head against the desk, careful not to break his glasses. He was about to repeat this action for the third time when the squeaking of door hinges caught his attention. When he turned his head to investigate the

Roses Are Red part 6 - EriSol - - apocalypseArisen [AA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]- AA: Hey S0llux AA: Is everything 0kay AA: I havent heard fr0m y0u since yesterday when y0u were freaking 0ut AA: Fef said I sh0uld check 0n y0u AA: Are y0u even there? The constant dinging of his computer made Sollux groan. He did not want to get up nor was he used to waking up in someone's arms. Eridan's steady breathing was an indicator that he was still sleeping so Sollux slowly moved away from the sea dweller and made his way over to his desk. TA: gog ara! what tiime ii2 iit? TA: anyway2. iim fiine TA: more than fiine actually AA: Ribbit AA: O__O AA: Details Sollux! What happened? TA: well. two make a long 2tory 2hort, ii have a new mate2prit now He couldn't help but smile as he typed the sentence. He honestly never thought it would happen. AA. AA: Is it Eridan? He rolled his eyes before answering. TA: no ara iit2 kk TA: yes iit2 Eriidan! AA: Just checking S0llux AA. AA: S0. How many buckets are we talking ab0u

Roses Are Red part 5 - EriSol - Sollux saw Eridan's face soften as he gave him an apologetic look. "Shit Sol. I'm sorry," he whispered kneeling down beside him. Sollux only nodded. "No really." He rested his hand on the Gemini's shoulder and was relieved when he didn't pull away. "Just tell me wwhat's wwrong." The lowblood sighed, bringing his legs to his chest and resting his chin on his knees. "Ii don't know. I gueth Ii'm just not ready for all thiith. Ii don't know how to be domantent but Ii gueth Ii could learn if that would make you happy. Ii jutht need tiime. " He continued to focas his gaze on his miss-matched shoes, holding his breath. Recieving no answer, he sighed again adding, "Ii gueth Ii jutht wanted thiith to be thpethal and thlow and thweet but Ii know you're not iinto the whole lovey dovey crap. " "Sol, stop." The lowblood looked up, a bit stunned. "For one, did you really think I wwas into all that kinky shit?" Sollux just shrugged. Eridan smirked. "Maybe just a little, but come one noww Sol,

Roses Are Red part 9 - EriSol - Eridan froze. "You heard that?" "yeah, but diid you mean iit?" "Yeah, I meant it. Look I knoww it's a human emotion and wwe arn't human but my feelings for you excede pity. It's not like I expect you to say it back or anythin. I'm okay wwith that." The same look Sollux saw eairlier reappeared on the highbloods face, making him feel bad for bringing it back up. Eridan sat on the floor, pulling his cape tightly around him, almost as if he were trying to hide behind it. He almost looked like he was going to cry. This made Sollux feel worse. He knelt down beside him. "Eriidan?" He looked up, no longer attempting to smile. "I'm tryin not to be emotional Sol. I'm sorry." "Eridan. " he whispered wrapping his arms around him and leaning his head against his shoulder. "Ii love you to. " "Wwhat? You do?" Sollux nodded, crawling into his lap and snuggling against his neck, placing light kisses over his collor bone. "Do you really mean that or are you just sayin it?" "No, Ii mean iit. Whiile you

Roses Are Red part 8 - EriSol - Sollux's eyes grew wide with shock. Did Eridan Ampora just tell him, Sollux Captor, that he loved him? Love? A human emotion? Human emotions were confusing to most of the trolls and the only thing Sollux knew about them was what he learned from Karkat's matesprit. "W-What diid you thay?" he managed to stutter out. A sad look fell over Eridan's face, "Nevermind." "No really. What diid you thay?" "Nothing Sol." He let out a long, deep sigh before pushing his glasses back up on his nose and clearing his throat. "I havve to go back to my hivve for a little bit okay?" Sollux suddenly became panicked. He wasn't trying to offend the highblood in anyway. He was simply confused was all. "Your comiing back riight?" Eridan tried to smile but it just ended up being a sad smirk. "Of course I'm comin back. Noww wwhose bein clingy?" Sollux smiled a little. "Oh thud up!" "I'm just gettin some stuff okay?" He tilted the land dwellers head up, capturing his lips in a brief kiss before exiting the room.

Roses Are Red part 7 - EriSol - "wwho wwas that?" Eridan asked sleepily, still clinging to Sollux. "Oh it wath Aradia." Eridan nodded, letting go of Sollux so he could turn around before pulling him close again. "Your not goiing to let go of me are you?" The highblood shook his head. "I don't wwant you to go anywwhere," he confessed. "Ii'm not," the lowblood confessed, leaning up to kiss his matesprit, "but can you let me go tho ii can get ready?" "Can I just hold you for a minuet," Sollux couldn't help but laugh. "Are you alwayth thith cliingy when you wake up?" "Shut up Sol," Eridan mumbled, pulling him closer. After a few minuets he pulled away. "Feel better?" Sollux teased, earning him a glare. He simply laughed. "Ii'm goiing to take thower." Before the Seadweller could say anything he added, "Alone." He laughed when Eridan pouted. "Don't break anything while I'm gone." He leaned against the door of the bathroom sighing. He had to admit, he loved all this attention. About twenty minuets later, when Sollux finally

Just So You Know pt 2 - adiosToreador [AT] began trolling terminallyCapricious [TC]- AT: gAMZEE?? AT: aRE YOU, uH, THERE? AT: uH, GAMZEE, pLEASE, uM, ANSWER. AT: gAMZEE! - adiosToreador [AT] ceased trolling terminallyCapricious [TC]- Gamzee heard the dinging of his husktop, knowing someone must be trolling him, but he kept his eyes fixated on the celing above him; never moving. He had just confessed his deepest darkest secret to Tavros, his best bro next to Karkat and the sweetest troll to ever walk Alternia. He was sure the crippled troll would be extreamly uncomfortable around him now and it stung him. Normally he wouldn't give a damn. He was supposed to be so cool and collected, not so edgy and nervous but when it came to Tavros his calm demenour faded. Being with him just felt so right but Gamzee felt so wrong throwing all his feelings at him like that. Gamzee sighed, convincing himself he was going to lock himself in his hive for the rest of his life when there was a

Somewhere Only We Know "What is this place?" Tavros asked in complete awe of his surroundings. He was walking in grass that reached just above his knees, feelings the April wind flutter through his messy hair. The air had a unique scent about it, the sweet smell of flowers mixing with the smell of the maple trees; the sky a heroic shade of blue. Tavros thought he was dreaming at first because the place looked like something he would see in a dream bubble. Sounds of running water mixed with the chirping of birds and the rustling wind played like lullabies in his ears. As he took a deep breath in through his nose, he felt a sudden seance of peace as he began to relax. "It's a motherfucking miracle isn't it Tav?" He nodded, locking his hands tighter with his matesprit's as they walked along the stream. "How did you find this place?" "Found it one day while I was walking through the woods." Gamzee shrugged, "It was to fucking beautiful for me to be keeping it secrete. I knew I wanted to share it with someone spe

Just a kiss Tavros laid there, staring at the stars in the sky, the moon casting shadows in the sand as he attempted to sort out his feelings for a certain troll. He knew he was definently flushed for Gamzee but how could the high blood return his feelings? 'What could he possibly see in me?' he asked himself, sighing deeply. The sound of sand crunching behind him caused him to bolt upright. "Hey Tavbro," said Gamzee, the object of Tavros' depressed state, as he sat down beside him. Tavros looked away, blushing a furious shade of orange. "How did you, uh, know I was out here?" he asked softly. "Oh Karkat told me you were all up and upset sitting out here alone. I thought I would come see what the mother fuck was up." Tavros cursed Karkat for ratting him out. He had told him earlier about the feelings he had for Gamzee out of desperation but all he had gotten was an eye roll and a "Get over it fuckass!" "It's, um, nothing Gamzee." He lied stealing a glance at the other troll who was giving him a wo

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Of Closets and Bullies Tap Tap Tap. Sollux felt his eye twitch - a telltale sign of his irritation. Tap Tap Tap. If someone didn't get him out of this room soon, he was going to SNAP. And there would be NO ONE to stop him. Tap Tap Tap. "Hey, thop that gogdamn tapping!" he growled. The other was staring into space and couldn't hear him - or he was just ignoring him. Both were just as annoying. Tap Tap Tap. That was it, he was going to - CLATTER. What? Sollux whirled around looking over to the idiot whom he was trapped in a restrictively confined space. Eridan was sitting at the opposite side of the room. He'd been tapping his nails against the side of his glasses in thought for the past half an hour - so much so, that something had come loose in them and made them fall off. "Oii. Fiithdiick. Not only are you beiing exceediingly annoyiing, but you broke your thupiid glattheth too. THTOP. THE DAMN. TAPPING." He said clearly, now that Eridan wasn't zoned out. "Oh shut up,

EriSol: All You Recall. It happened awhile ago, you loved thinking about the past but for some reason it didn't just bring back good memories. You loved him, and that's all you needed to know. He loved you, even though he frequently asked you to accept his offer, and be his kismesis. You wouldn't have believed he loved you until about 1 month ago, when he admitted it to you by Alternia's sea shore. The Prince of Hope had admitted that he had flushed feelings for you, for you. You couldn't believe it at first, and with that you delayed in response. Fiddling with your index fingers before partly opening your mouth to blurt out how you've been feeling about him, but your mouth was soon closed. The Prince of Hope had smashed his lips against yours before you could even answer. His soft whimpers echoed into your mouth, you could tell he had a lot of sweeps filled with complete utter loneliness, empty sweeps with no one but himself

It's Not Your Fault - EriSol - Your name is Eridan Ampora and you are so terribly alone. You are as alone as you were in your lifetime. None of your memories satisfy you - they only bring pain, because they usually involve Feferi or some other poor soul that you destroyed. So you prefer to stare at the purple tinged void around you, hugging your knees and blinking your white, blank eyes. You miss Feferi. You miss Kanaya. You miss everyone. You wonder if they're dead like you. You wonder what you set into motion back at the lab. But it's all out of your hands now. You're dead and nobody cares. Some might even be glad you're dead; relieved. It's no less painful in a dream bubble than in reality. You wish you could die again, to end the eternity you will spend in this dream bubble. You sniff, staring at a star in the Furthest Ring before suddenly a memory interjects in your peaceful - or peaceless - void. Your purple gives way to the shore, ocean breeze ruffling your hair slightly. You wonder what's going on before you re

Humanstuck Erisol fluff Your name is Sollux Captor and you are at a county fair. The only reason you are here is because your friends, Nepeta Lejion and Karkat Vantas, got tired of seeing you mope around and not leaving your house because you were depressed. It wasn't your normal, mild, bipolar depression; you had a good reason to be so sad. It was because you had been cheated on by your first love, Aradia Medigo, who ran off with that douche, Equius Zahhak six months ago. She left you broken and hurt until your second love came around three months ago. A beautiful, energetic girl named Feferi Piexes. She was the best thing that had happened to you at the time, she brought you back to life, but then her father, who didn't like you at all since the moment he met you decided to pick up his whole family and move to England a month ago. You were so sure that you two would be together forever but her father had other plans whe

not a wwhore - femerisol - Eri hid her face in her scarf as she ran, dark purple tears streaking down her face, mixing with the blood pouring from her nose. KK thought it would be fun to take a swing at her and busted it. She ran blindly in what she assumed was the direction of her hive. The wind tore at her, sending her cape flapping wildly behind her as she ran. Damn, it was freezing out tonight. She rushed past a line of hives as fast as she could. She thought she saw a glimpse of a dark silhouette outlined against the moonlight, but ignored it, her top priority being to get home and block out the rest of the world. Oh, finally. Thank god. Eri could see her hive from here. She put on a burst of speed and ran inside, sinking to the floor as soon as the door was closed. She hid her face in her hands and sobbed loudly. They don't get it! They don't understand! They all have matesprits! She thought frustratedly. "I-Is i-it wwrong to ww-wwant some glubbin' attention o-once in a wwhile?!" She shouted as she

stand for change of PoV Bold just helps for emphasis or to distinguish things from others. the italics are your thoughts and maybe for emphasis sometimes but rarely. ]] Your name is Eridan Ampora . You are sitting down in your room and trying away on your computer talking to some of the other trolls on pesterchum . ==> Reply to twinArmageddons [TA] -- twinArmageddons [TA] began trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] -- TA: hey fii2hdiick TA: ii know youre there a22hole. TA: 2eriiou2ly you know what fuck thii2 TA: ii dont giive a fuck CA: wwhat do you wwant sol Okay. This is definetly weird, he usually stops trolling me by now. CA: somethin important CA: or are you just goin to continue to call me names TA: 2hut up and let me talk TA: gee2 TA: lii2ten, get your 2tuiid 'royal' a22 over here we need two talk . This can't be good. CA: YOU are actually invvitin ME ovver? CA: not that i care or anyt

2WEET A2 CANDY 2WEET A2 CANDY "Does it taste like candy?" Sollux asked suddenly. "Does fucking what taste like candy?" Karkat asked smirking. "Your blood. It's candy red right? Well does it actually taste like candy?" Sollux elaborated. Karkat paused and gave Sollux a look of disbelief. "Are you fucking serious Captor? How would I even know that for one? Two who gives a flying fuck what it tastes like? Besides why would you even taste my blood? Jegus were you even come up with that stupid question from?" Karkat ranted. "One day I was just thinking to myself that red isn't that bad of a color. And then I remembered you had candy red blood and I vaguely wondered if it tasted like candy. So I thought I should ask." Sollux smirked leaning closer to Karkat. "Why the fuck are you moving so close?" Karkat asked trying to move away. "If I had senses like TZ then I'd be able to smell it but I can't." He sighed. "Why does it even fucking matter?" Karkat grumbled. "Because I'm curious KK." Sollux pursed his lip