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About Ormet Circuits, Inc.

Ormet Circuits, Incorporated (Ormet) is a privately held company, engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of electrically conductive sintering pastes for use in the assembly of advanced electronic devices. Located in San Diego, California, the Company has distribution and representative organizations throughout the world.

Ormet sintering pastes are lead-free and demonstrate high electrical and thermal conductivity. When heated, they undergo a transformation called Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS), forming a strong metallic bond with solderable surfaces. Once this process is completed, the sintered paste will not reflow, thereby increasing the reliability of these devices. Ormet pastes have been thoroughly qualified through exhaustive testing at major companies. The company maintains a growing body of intellectual property including 24 patents covering both the composition of their products and the use of their products in electronics applications.

Ormet sintering pastes are being used in semiconductor packaging, printed circuit boards, and as a Lead-free alternative to existing interconnect technologies in electronic assemblies As the need for more complex electronic circuit boards and semiconductor packages continues to grow, new methods of forming environmentally friendly interconnections are becoming a necessity. The company`s achievements over the past several years are enabling it to benefit from these emerging market opportunities. With an experienced management and technical team, Ormet is addressing an ever increasing array of applications.

PCB Interconnect Materials

High Density Interconnects (HDI) in Printed Circuit Boards have traditionally been made using electroplating. However, advanced requirements in ball grid array density, high PCB layer counts, and fine diameter vias have created the need for paste solutions. Because the PCB layers connected by paste may be tested individually, as opposed to the sequential electroplating process which can only be tested in its final form, overall yields are significantly improved. Also, the Ormet process requires a substantially lower capital investment and is much more environmentally friendly than conventional plating lines.

Power Die Attach

The electronics industry is pushing forward to reduce the use of hazardous materials in the manufacture of components and assemblies. Ormet is working with the leaders in the power semiconductor industry to commercialize the next generation lead-free die attachment material for power semiconductor devices. Ormet pastes are demonstrating excellent electrical and thermal performance for MOSFETS in power QFN packages, and IGBTs in high performance power modules.

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