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FB3020018 | Terracotta facade panel

FX3018994 | Terracotta Rainscreen

FG503463 | Terracotta Facade Panel

FG6025880 | Terracotta Facade Panel

FYG3018240 | Terracotta Facade Panel

L3010217 | Terracotta facade

T80160235 | Terracotta Baguette

TH4085883 | Terracotta Baguette

Company Profile

LOPO China is a family-owned corporation established in 2002 by the couple Mr Xinghua Peng and Mrs Meiyu Yang. Over the past decade, LOPO China has become the major building material manufacturer in mainland China. Now we have set up 3 factories in Fujian province, which are LOPO Clay Tile, LOPO Terracotta Facade, LOPO Artificial Cultured Stone. Learn More

History of LOPO


LOPO China has world class production lines and equipments, imported from Italian and localized by ourselves, of which are strong production capability with annual production of 4,500,000 m2 clay tiles, 600,000 m2 cultured stone and 1500,000 m2 terracotta facade panels. Every indicator of energy consumption has reached the leading level. Learn More


Advantages of clay facing bricks 2016-09-03 11:00:42

Clay Facing Bricks, also called Vertically Perforated Bricks, refer to bricks that are made from clay and used as both furnishing and load-bearing body of the building’s walls. These bricks are in rectangular (standard) form or irregular (auxiliary) form.