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Dioxis Grenade


The Dioxis Grenade is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront. it was added in the Outer Rim Expansion Pack. It is classified as an Asset Card.

Like a lot of other weapons, the Dioxis Grenade never appeared in the Original Trilogy of the Star Wars films (though its contents, Dioxis was used in the Prequel trilogy).

This grenade delivers a weak but poisonous gas towards players, those who are in it's proximity will choke and lose health, but it is not unavoidable, meaning it can be escaped before you die.

It is currently one of two grenades that cover an entire area and obstruct visibility, the other being the Smoke Grenade.

This grenade is the starting grenade of Greedo. before he advances to more powerful grenades.

The Dioxis Grenade can be combined with the Smoke Grenade to conceal the dioxis gas, so enemy players can be tricked into walking into the poison. This tactic is best used on maps with choke points or around objectives, such as the shipment in Extraction.

Trivia Edit

Dioxis, the gas emitted by the Dioxis Grenade, was used by Nute Gunray (future leader of the CIS ) in an attempt to poison and kill the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi in the opening sequences of The Phantom Menace, making this grenade one of the few to appear in Canon media, but not the original trilogy.

In the Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim gameplay trailer, the Dioxis Grenade when released on the group of Imperial Stormtrooper 's, it kills them in a few seconds. In the game a player has roughly between 7 and 15 seconds to escape the cloud which forms around it. The closer you are in the cloud, the more damage you will take.