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1. recommendation. 2. suggestion, design. Proposal, overture, proposition refer to something in the nature of an offer. A proposal is a plan, a scheme, an offer to be accepted or rejected: to make proposals for peace. An overture is a friendly approach, an opening move (perhaps involving a proposal) tentatively looking toward the settlement of a controversy or else preparing the way for a proposal or the like: to make overtures to an enemy. Proposition, used in mathematics to refer to a formal statement of truth, and often including the proof or demonstration of the statement, has something of this same meaning when used nontechnically (particularly in business). A proposition is a proposal in which the terms are clearly stated and their advantageous nature emphasized: His proposition involved a large discount to the retailer.

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This proposal would be a less restrictive way of obtaining the same information.

After coverage in GQ interview and National Poetry Review, the guys ran a proposal by a handful of book agents in spring 2011.

The proposal . he announced, would include $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue increases.

As recently as this July, Sandy Weill—the creator of the original superbank, Citigroup—endorsed this proposal .

Both have announced their support for the modified version of their proposal in the Senate that passed Tuesday.

To old Moderate; I have a proposal to make that may remove every difficulty.

You make this proposal to me from a sense of duty, and I cannot think of accepting it.

Mrs. Meyrick jumped at the proposal . but declined all terms.

This proposal being accepted, they set sail, but each in his own ship.

Take a day to think over my proposal and telegraph your answer to-morrow.