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The study, known as the Digibind Efficacy Evaluation in Preeclampsia (DEEP) study, was supported in part by Protherics PLC, whose DIF product (marketed in the United States as Digifab) is an alternative to the GlaxoSmithKline's (marketed in the United States as Digibind ).

GlaxoSmithKline has a stake in Digibind. which is a member of this family of drugs.

The treating physician ordered 10 vials of the antidote, Digibind. but only three were available in the hospital pharmacy's "night locker.

An example of the latter is Digibind. which consists of Fabfragments of digoxin antibody, administered to neutralize digitalis toxicity.

Digibind. an antidote for digoxin toxicity was administered.

Digoxin toxicity can be rapidly and safely reversed by administration of anti-dioxin immune fragments (Fab) such as DIGIBIND [R], which has been available in the US since 1986.

Patient received 5 vials of digibind in the ER, with digoxin level decreasing to <0.

Benjamin was transferred to the Birmingham hospital to receive the antidote Digibind .

Antibody-targeted imaging reagents Mouse 23 Rat 24 Antibody-targeted drugs Mouse 23 Rat 24 Anti-thymocyte globulin Horse 25 Rabbit 26 Anti-snake venom Horse 27 Calcitonin Salmon 28 Digibind (anti-digoxin Fab) Sheep 29 Factor VIII Pig 30 Insulin Pig 31 Vaccines Rabbit 32 Chicken 33 Patent medicines Rabbit 34 Table 2.

Nonetheless, one can agree that results from the Stratus II and AxSYM may be suitable for monitoring the course of Digibind treatment.

Green, entitled "Serum digoxin in the presence of Digibind. determination of digoxin by the Abbott AxSYM and Baxter Stratus II immunoassays by direct analysis without pretreatment of serum samples" (Clin Chem 1998;44:1947-50), the concentration of Digibind given in parentheses in the sentence at the bottom of the second column on page 1948 is incorrect.

Digibind [R] (Glaxo Wellcome) is the most common brand of anti-digoxin Fab fragments used in the United States and worldwide.