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Freak encounters and otherworldly relationships follow Frisk and her companion Flowey back into the completion of her run. Seeing what could be, all the child wants is the ending that she saw in another world, an ending where she could have friends and someone who cares. But the game she plays wasn't really designed to end happily. Was Sans right after all?

Happy or sad, she'll come to understand the purpose of all the side characters. Even the villainous ones.

A continuation of "The Many Worlds Theory Sucks". Features Underfell AU.


(See the end of the work for notes .)

Chapter 1. They Taste Like Dust, Obviously

Chapter Text

It was quiet in the forest, since everything was muffled by the snow. The trees did their best to stifle the razorlike wind that always seemed to be blowing through Snowdin and its surrounding areas, and by the entrance to the ruins they were so thick that you might not feel it at all. Hence it was very easy to hear things from behind the door, even though it was thick stone. There was a knock, and another knock.

Inside the door it was easy to hear anything, because she was always listening for something. He usually did knock twice, anxious to make sure that she was actually there. The way it always went, she would ask who was there and get another joke. This time, she said, "You are back already?"

Because this was their second meeting in the same day.

His gruff, wheezy and city-accented voice never failed to delight her with its company, as on he talked. His voice, and an accidentally slipped up name, was really the only thing that she knew about him. She wasn't listening to all of his words, of course, and she never did, but she faded back in when it counted--when she could pick up what he said by context. ". the kid hasn't been wasting any time," he was murmuring, and she chewed the end of her pencil. "if the river-person actually takes them where they need to go, might even be less than an hour before they make it to the core."

She had never been given updates on their progress before. She had never asked him. She wondered what made this so different. Her furry lips--if they could actually be called that--parted "Are you going to keep watching them?"

He coughed, and he said, "figure that's what i should do. dunno, though."

"I see." Perhaps it was simply beginning to be too much for him. She understood that feeling. That was why she thought that he should have sent the human home, to the home that they wanted, right from the start. Why did she expect him to succeed where she had failed? "Mmm. mmm. mmmm. " Little noises that started coming from her tightly closed mouth, before she even noticed.

She chewed on the end of her pencil until there was no end. She pictured the human going through the Core, all sweaty from the heat and assaulted by monsters on all sides, as they had surely been assaulted through their entire journey. She pictured them going past the Core, right up into her husband's castle. Her eyes wide, staring without a hope of blinking, she pressed a hand over her face so that she wouldn't have to see. She hoped that they still had the pie she packed them. Did that nice young other Sans ever try some? He never did tell her what his favorite flavor was.

". What. " What did he want? What could he want?

"wanna hear a joke?" She didn't say anything, so he went on regardless, "how d'you get baby dip?"

A joke? Her eyes were still unblinking, but she mechanically answered, "I do not know. How do you get baby dip?"

From the other side of the door he snickered and said, "put a baby in a blender."

Her eyes squeezed shut when she started to laugh, pressing her hands over her mouth to try and quell it. Her laugh was embarrassingly loud, uncontrollable, more of a cackling really, and after a moment she let it go on unimpeded. She could have sworn that she heard that joke before, but she didn't know where or when and it didn't really matter. "Oh no, oh, oh no," were the only things that she said, she heard him laughing too. Put a baby in a blender.

Come to think of it, where did one get baby carrots? Baby corn? So much food was named after babies, you might think that people had an obsession with eating them. What did babies even taste like?

With her giggles subsided, though, she was better but not great. She pressed her hand the cold door. "Oh, Sans. " she found herself warbling, and his laughter stopped too. "That child is not going to make it. And yet I am not ready to see the surface again."

"th-they might make it," he stammered, but he didn't sound convinced. "n-nothin's stopped 'em so far."

"Mm. mmmmm. " Came the noises again.

This time he had no joke for her, but that was all right. He had told more than enough without her saying any back. It wouldn't be fair. But after several minutes of silence, silence except for the noises she made, he did end up saying something. "i-i-it might not be my business. b-but. "

"Yes?" She whispered, shocked by how quiet her voice was.

"w-well. you always seem so down. y-you might feel better if you left those stuffy. d-dark ruins once in a while, y'know?"

That wasn't even enough to get her polite, confused laughter. Her hand, as it dragged down the door, left pale lines from her claws and smudge marks as her palms wiped away a stream of soot. "I am sorry. I do not get it."

"i-it wasn't a joke. uh, more like-. uh, friendly advice?"

The lady stopped speaking entirely, her voice lost. Her body felt heavy and her lungs heavier, unable to breathe or see. Her staring eyes took over again, and she left that voice hanging there, out in the cold of Snowdin Forest. "Oh," she mouthed at last, but as that implied it was inaudible. Had she had this conversation before? Or was that simply how it felt to her, at this very moment? Life was full of little moments like that. Humans had a lovely phrase for it. " Deja vu ." Was that France? France was a country that ate snails. She had always wanted to go.

His voice prodded in, as it always did, with words that entered her dark world. "lady. are you still there?"

She said nothing.

". d. did you want me t'give ya more information about the kid?"

Again, nothing. She lifted her blackened hand to her face, her pure white fur blemished. She slowly began wiping her hands together, but all that achieved was getting her other giant paw smudged.

"l-listen," he said. His voice got louder, and her eyes moved back to the door. "i gotta head home. th' boss is gonna be looking for me, and he's kind of pissed at me as it is. i'll come back later. okay?"

She nodded, not remembering he couldn't see.

". uhhh. yeah. so. uh. 'bye."

Sighing, she rested her head against the door to the ruins long after he left, smoke exiting out from past her lips as she played with her own magic. It was still beyond the door now, without any soul in sight, human or monster. Lots of monsters were at home, watching their television screens in anticipation. The finale of Mettaton's TV series, the long awaited conclusion, was airing tonight.

The Ruins door to Snowdin.

Cracked open a little.

Next Chapter: Bright Lights


Hello! Welcome all to my next fanfiction in the Bunny Fell-Fell series, which I may or may not be hastily posting the first chapter of. This time around I can't promise to stay strictly to my deadlines, since as I said before I'll be pretty busy over the next few months, but I have quite the urge to keep going. If possible, I will be updating each Saturday.

If anyone's joining in who hasn't read the first fic, you probably should go read The Many Worlds Theory Sucks, although I suppose it may not be completely necessary to. This is essentially a fanfiction about a pacifist Underfell run, but because of the events of the last fic, quite a few things will be different.

Series this work belongs to: