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Legal Terms

Prodep authorizes him exclusively to see and to obtain the contained materials in this Web Site for personal use, not commercial, and on condition that they stay in any copy of the materials all the legends of royalties or property that control in the original materials.

The modification of the materials of this Site is not allowed in way some, or the reproduction, public exhibition, presentation or distribution or any other use of the same ones for some commercial or public purpose, unless Prodep authorizes this way him previous and specifically in writing for certain materials.

To the effects of these Conditions, any use of these materials is prohibited in any other web site or in a computer environment in net, anyone that was the purpose. The materials in this Site are protected by royalties and any not authorized use of any material of this Site can violate the normative one on royalties, marks and other regulations.

The authorization granted to use this Site will understand each other automatically finished in the event of infringing anyone of these Conditions, being forced to destroy any obtained material or form of the Site immediately. Also, Prodep is reserved the right to give had finished the authorization to use any service of the Site and to suppress anyone of the bills that you have opened up in the Site, or even all, with or without cause, immediately and in any moment.


Excepting the information of personal character, described in the Declaration of Privacy of Prodep, any material, information or communication that you remit or publish in this Page will understand each other as non confidential information and non landlady ("Communications").

Prodep doesn't have obligation some in connection with the communications. Prodep and people designated by this will be free to copy, to reveal, to distribute, to modify, to incorporate or otherwise to use the communications and all the data, images, sounds, text and other elements that are part of the same ones, for any commercial or not commercial purpose.

It is not prohibited the publication or transmission from / to this Page of any material allowed by the law, threatening, injurious, calumnious, obscene, pornographic or that otherwise it violates any normative.

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Data protection

Data protection policy

Prodep of Spanish nationality with home in the Principado de Asturias (Spain), and regular of the website prodep. com, is the regular of the database generated with the data of personal character given by the users.

The user authorizes the automated treatment of the given personal data, necessary for the benefit of the conventional services, as well as for the offer and recruiting of other products and services of Prodep. The created file will be located in Spain under the supervision and control of Prodep. Also the user lends his consent so that Prodep gives its data to companies from the group to which belongs, as well as to others with those that concludes agreements of collaboration for the best benefit in the service resided in Spain or the foreigner, respecting, in any event, the Spanish legislation on protection of the data of personal character.

Will understand each other that the user accepts the conditions settled down in the moment that the transmission of the data is made. The information contained in the mentioned database is used so much for the correct identification of the users that you request services personalized in Prodep. com, like for the realization of the registered users' of Prodep statistical studies that you/they allow to design improvements of the borrowed services, to take to end basic tasks of administration and power to communicate incidences, offers or novelties to the registered users via electronic mail.

The information personal of the registered users is stored in databases property of Prodep that assumes the measures of technical, organizational nature and of security that you guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the agreement information with that settled down in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of protection of data of character personal, and other applicable legislation.

The user will respond, anyway, of the truthfulness of the facilitated data, being reserved Prodep the right to exclude from the registered services to all user that has facilitated false data, without damage of the other actions that they proceed in right.

Any registered user can in any moment to exercise the right to consent, to rectify and, in his case, to oppose you or to cancel his data of personal character given to Prodep, by means of communication by mail electronic directed to Prodep, in the mail:

Prodep declines any responsibility regarding the information that is outside of this web and not negotiated directly by our webmaster. The function of the links that you appear in this page is exclusively the one of informing the user on the existence of other sources of information on the matter in Internet, where will be able to enlarge the data offered in this web. Prodep won't be in any case responsible for the result obtained through this hipertext links.

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