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In the episode, after Peter accidentally rips his hand off with blunt pressure while driving Meg to her college, his arm grows one back instantly. However, the missing severed hand grows a completely different being named Retep. He looks identical to Peter, but has a green shirt and white pants instead of a white shirt and green pants.

Retep's first strike of violence is when he places a rock in the Griffin's yard. Brian, who was banished from the house after being sprayed by a skunk, trips over the rock while chasing a squirrel. Meanwhile, Retep quietly snickers at his successful trap. While this may seem hardly villainous, Retep later murders an innocent woman after breaking into her house. This is spectated by Peter and Meg, who are in a helicopter.


Retep guest stared in Brian Griffin Joins The Rescuers: Down Under.

Retep is very good friends with Evil Stewie. As they are more evil versions of their real couterparts and are clones.

After Ernie the Giant Chicken dies, Retep will become Peter's new arch-nemesis.