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Office of Xiamen Ovisen Import & Export Co. Ltd. is located in Xiamen city, Fujian province. Since it's established in 1998 the company successfully engaged and specializes in manufacture, import and export of pollution-free canned foods. The company is the majority founder of 2 canning factories in China, one of them is located in the south, and another in the north of China.

The factories located in different climatic zones allow us to carry out more stable supply, because the periods of crops in southern and northern provinces of China are different. Such location of the factories also allows to expand production possibility of range of products and to provide necessary raw materials to the factories - fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

For example, probable shortage of raw materials in one province can be compensated by raw materials of a new crop in another. It allows us to react flexibly to realities of the market of raw materials in China and stably supply our canning factories with raw materials.

The basic directions of activity of the company is manufacture and export of the following products: 1. Canned mushrooms (salty, pickled) 2. Canned fruits, fruit compotes 3. Canned vegetables 4. Canned seafood. 5. Raw materials for canning: British Dark Red Kidney Beans, Japanese White Kidney Beans, Dry Whole Green Peas.

We are in earnest about final product's quality and seriously concern choice of raw materials for production, therefore among our suppliers the largest and reliable manufacturers of such raw materials for canning as British Dark Red Kidney Beans and Japanese White Kidney Beans, Dry Whole Green Peas etc. In the presence of interest of the client in such raw materials for canning production - we can offer agential services for it's supply.

We offer production as under our Trade Mark "OVISEN", so as under Buyer's brand.

Accumulated by collective of the company experience in the area of production and import-export operations allows us to guarantee providing high quality service to customers. There were established close partner relations with the majority of raw materials producers and majority of canneries, specialized in production of canned fruits, vegetables and mushrooms in China within our company activity time. It is possible to consider as the big plus a close territorial arrangement of our and partner canneries to China main ports, that allows to make more efficient shipments of containers to ports and fast customs documents preparation. The number of canneries-partners includes the largest Chinese producers of canned mushrooms, fruits and vegetables with a good raw-material base that allows us to accept orders for any volumes of production. Dynamics of development of our company allows us to look forward with optimism and to increase volumes of output and export of canned food. We are proud of our client base and we rejoice in customers' success together with them. Our basic customers are the companies of Russia and the CIS countries which adequately estimate level of our service, but first of all - QUALITY of our canned products. All products is shipped with all necessary certificates and documents which confirms its quality.

Our products, under various trade marks, also are present on the European countries, USA, Canada, the Arabian countries markets, etc. Our general annual volume of canned food export exceeds 1500 containers. Consumers are highly appreciates quality of our canned food. We value our reputation, therefore we have developed some rules for ourselves, we following them in our work and activity: 1) Strict raw materials for canning quality control. 2) Observance of all norms of production 3) Efficiency in work and in interaction with customers and canneries. 4) The Maximum performance of terms and wishes of customers.

Main principles of interaction with the customer are an honesty and sincerity, efficiency, mutual respect and certainly mutual benefit! We with pleasure share our experience with customers and give advises on any arising questions. The chosen way leads us to joint development and prosperity of our company and the customer's company and we divide success together! If you are engaged in distribution of canned food and are interested in the reliable, skilled and stable Chinese supplier - you have came to the proper place. We are expecting for your requests and orders!