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Cefixime is used for treating attacks caused by certain bacterias. Cefixime can be a cephalosporin antibiotic. It functions by killing sensitive bacterias.

Make use of Cefixime as directed by your physician.

Take Cefixime orally with or without meals. If abdomen upset occurs, consider with food to lessen stomach irritation.

To get rid of your infection totally, continue using Cefixime for the entire program of treatment even though you feel much better in just a few days.

If you miss a dosage of Cefixime, take it as quickly as possible. If its almost time for the next dose, miss the missed dosage and get back to your regular dosing plan. Usually do not take 2 dosages at once.

Question your medical provider any questions you might have about how to make use of Cefixime.

Store Cefixime at room temperature, between 68 and 77 degrees F (20 and 25 degrees C). Store away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep Cefixime out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Do NOT use Cefixime if:

you are allergic to any ingredient in Cefixime or even to other cephalosporins (eg, cephalexin)

you will be having a live typhoid vaccine.

Contact your physician or doctor right away if these connect with you.

Some medical ailments may connect to Cefixime. Tell your physician or pharmacist when you have any medical conditions, particularly if the following connect with you:

if you are pregnant, likely to get pregnant, or are breast-feeding

if you are taking any prescription or non-prescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement

if you possess allergies to medicines, foods, or other chemicals

if you experienced a severe allergic attack (eg, severe rash, hives, difficulty breathing, dizziness) to a penicillin (eg, amoxicillin) or beta-lactam antibiotic (eg, imipenem)

if you possess diarrhea, abdomen or bowel complications (eg, inflammation), bleeding or blood clotting complications, liver complications, or poor nourishment

if you have a brief history of kidney complications or you are on dialysis treatment.

Some medicines may connect to Cefixime. Tell your physician or pharmacist when you have any medical conditions, particularly if the following connect with you:

Anticoagulants (eg, warfarin) or carbamazepine as the risk of their unwanted effects could be increased by Cefixime

Live typhoid vaccines because their effectiveness could be reduced by Cefixime.

Ask your medical provider if Cefixime might interact with other drugs that you take. Consult with your health treatment provider before you begin, stop, or modification the dosage of any medication.

Essential safety information:

Cefixime could cause dizziness. This impact may be worse invest the it with alcoholic beverages or certain medicines. Make use of Cefixime with caution. Usually do not travel or perform other feasible unsafe jobs until you understand how you respond to it.

Do not change dosage forms (eg, tablets, suspension) of Cefixime without speaking together with your doctor.

Mild diarrhea is normal with antibiotic use. Nevertheless, a more serious type of diarrhea (pseudomembranous colitis) may rarely occur. This might develop while you utilize the antibiotic or within almost a year after you stop deploying it. Get in touch with your doctor immediately if stomach discomfort or cramps, serious diarrhea, or bloody stools happen. Do not deal with diarrhea without 1st checking together with your doctor.

Cefixime only functions against bacteria; it generally does not deal with viral infections (eg, the normal cold).

End up being sure to make use of Cefixime for the entire program of treatment. If you dont, the medicine might not get rid of your infection totally. The bacteria may possibly also become less delicate to the or other medications. This may make the disease harder to treat later on.

Long-term or repeated usage of Cefixime may trigger another infection. Tell your physician if signs of another infection occur. Your medication might need to be transformed to take care of this.

Cefixime may decrease the amount of clot-forming cells (platelets) in your bloodstream. Avoid activities that could cause bruising or damage. Tell your physician if you have uncommon bruising or bleeding. Inform your physician when you have dark, tarry, or bloody stools.

Do not get a live typhoid vaccine when you are acquiring Cefixime. It could not are well. Chat with your doctor in case you are scheduled to get a live typhoid vaccine.

Diabetes individuals - Cefixime could cause the outcomes of some recent tests for urine glucose or urine ketones to end up being wrong. Ask your physician before you modification your daily diet or the dosage of your diabetes medication.

Cefixime may hinder certain lab testing. Be sure your physician and lab staff know you are employing Cefixime.

Cefixime should be used in combination with extreme care in children younger six months; safety and performance in these children havent been confirmed.

Being pregnant and breast-feeding: In the event that you become pregnant, get in touch with your doctor. You will have to discuss the huge benefits and dangers of using Cefixime when you are pregnant. It isnt known if Cefixime is situated in breast milk. In case you are or will become breast-feeding when you use Cefixime, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Discuss any feasible risks to your child.

All medicines may cause unwanted effects, but many folks have no, or small, side effects.

Check together with your doctor if these most common unwanted effects persist or become bothersome:

Diarrhea; gas; loose stools; nausea; stomach discomfort or upset.

Seek medical attention immediately if these severe unwanted effects occur:

Severe allergies (rash; hives; itching; problems breathing; tightness in the upper body; swelling of the mouth area, encounter, lips, or tongue; uncommon hoarseness); bloody stools; reduced urination; fever, chills, or sore throat; reddish colored, swollen, blistered, or peeling pores and skin; seizures; severe diarrhea; serious nausea / vomiting; severe stomach discomfort or cramping; uncommon bruising or bleeding; vaginal discharge or itching; white places in the mouth area; yellowing of your skin or eyes.

This isnt a complete set of all side effects that could occur. When you have queries about unwanted effects, contact your medical provider.

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