How To Compare Ceramic And Tourmaline Flatirons, Toramine

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How to Compare Ceramic and Tourmaline Flatirons

A flatiron is a device that presses sections of hair between heated plates to make the hair smooth and shiny. Flatiron technology continues to develop as manufacturers improve on ways to press the hair without damaging it. Irons vary in price, size, features and quality. Become familiar with the terminology used to describe flatiron features so that you will know whether an iron will meet your needs. Two common types are the ceramic flatiron and the tourmaline ceramic flatiron.

Look at the upper and lower surfaces of the iron which directly press against the hair during use. These surfaces are the plates, which are made of a heat-conducting material. The inner portion of the plate is typically made of aluminum or titanium. A ceramic flatiron may have pure ceramic plates or it may have a ceramic coating on an aluminum or titanium plate. Tourmaline is a gem. When particles of the gem are infused into ceramic plates, the flat iron is known as tourmaline ceramic.

Watch for nanotechnology. A nano-ceramic flatiron may contain only particles of ceramic in the plates and may not heat as evenly or press as smoothly as other ceramic irons. Nanotechnology in other aspects of the iron may be positive features, but be cautious if the label says nano-ceramics.

Evaluate the amount of shine a flatiron provides. The heated plates on a flatiron create negative ions which neutralize the positive ions in damaged hair. Tourmaline ceramic plates generate more negative ions than ceramic plates without tourmaline. As a result, the tourmaline ceramic flat iron can give hair a smoother and shinier appearance.

Test the heating features of a flatiron. A good flatiron should heat evenly. Pure ceramic plates heat more evenly than ceramic coated plates. Look for an iron that has variable heat settings ranging from under 300 degrees to 410 degrees F. Fine hair or damaged hair usually requires a lower heat setting than course or healthy hair.

Assess the durability of the flatiron. An iron with pure ceramic plates needs to be handled carefully, as the plates can crack. An iron with ceramic-coated plates can see chips in the coating over time as well. Ceramic and tourmaline ceramic flat irons are available in different sizes. Select a size that is comfortable for you to handle and that can easily press sections of your hair. If you want to create curls, look for an iron with curved edges.