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ranzin sews

Two days ago, it was my niece's second birthday. I made a long cozy hoodie for her. It's hard to make clothes for kids when you're used to sew for grown ups, because you don't really know the sizes and I think it's harder to see if it will fit. I haven't given it to her yet, so I keep my fingers crossed that it will fit her. I made the pattern by looking at one of her sweaters. The wristlets and the lining for the hood is reused from a big sweatshirt. Here's the result:

This is the white summer top I made a couple of months to that I promised to show (the same as the one together with the green shorts) I's my own pattern and it's made of an old curtain.

I'm really into making shorts these days and here is my latest pair. Highwaisted with fake leather pockets. I'm really proud of the fly zipper, which was my first one (except one I made on a pair of jeans, but that was 3 years ago and with help from a teacher) The pattern is made by me and the fabric is cotton I think, bought second hand. I really like these ones!

The top is a piece from my collection.

Today I've finished a t-shirt that I'll probably show tomorrow. I get much sewing done now that I've finished school and am unemployed. )

This is the shorts I made yesterday. They're made in some stretchy fabric from a thrift store. I used lace for the. hm, don't know what it's called. the small things that you put the belt in? Anyways, I'm not very experienced in sewing with stretch materials, but I think it turned out good!

And I don't think I have showed you this top before, have I? I made it in the beginning of the summer, before Barcelona. I have more nice pictures of it on the other computer that I'll post some day.

This outfit is all second hand too. The top is from a curtain and the shorts from some other second hand fabric. Not even the lace is new!

Aug 18, 2011

A little something I made today. More will come some time soon.

Aug 17, 2011

So here's the shorts and the top. I'm really proud!

The shorts has an invisible zipper (which is not that invisible) in the back and lace trimmings on the pockets. The fabric is an old bed sheet from a thrift store, so this outfit is made of a curtain and a sheet :)